Joshua vs Povetkin – Full Fight@ world heavyweight title

Joshua vs Povetkin. Big, strong, charismatic, a knockout battle – Anthony Joshua each box to become the superstar on heavyweight, and he became one of them, and a few steps left to climb in terms of international fame.

Joshua is probably underestimated as a boxer, because he started his career with 20 consecutive victories, but in March he had to take all 12 carefully Joseph Parker, and he did it very well. Parker did not press the opponent or something, but Joshua closed it, and although he could not do what he thought, he won clean and clean.

Joshua vs Povetkin

Joshua clearly loves a knockout, knowing that this is the safest way to fight the fans’ hearts. Therefore he will probably chase one against an older and lower Povetkin on Saturday. I would look for more aggression from Joshua, but he and his team are not mannequins. Povetkin can fight and have some real power and ability so that they are not unfair. Do not expect to see any hits from Dionleigh Wilder, where Joshua literally gets up. (I do not mean that Deontey or his team are dummies, to write).

If Joshua can win impressive, the battle against the theoretical winner Wilder-Fury will be shown in April 2019, at least according to our hopes. Perhaps most likely this is “just” a White Dillianom rematch as a good match, but because this game will be disappointed because this is no other match. We made fun of Joshua-Wilder, which was perfect, but instead we have Joshua-Povetkin. So, instead of watching the second heavyweight campaign, Joshua meets no. 3 or 4 in the division heavyweight. It’s not a little, but I understand that this looks like one thing, and I think this has somewhat weakened enthusiasm for this fight.

Thoughts: An experienced boxer, a former amateur boxer, has long been in the game as a top-weight campaign, Povetkin approaches 40 and is still a serious challenger. His only defeat came to Vladimir Klitschko in 2013, which is not very good predictor of his chances against Joshua, another heavyweight with great advantage and height and what’s worse if Povetkin struggles as he did against Klitschko, we could be in shoe boots an ugly sleeper.

But let’s be optimistic and say he does not let Povetkin know that this is probably his last chance for a true heavyweight title that he is likely to be. That he will fight in this battle, and if the original strategy does not work, will let go of the rage he can, in an attempt to win. It would be great, but I do not know if he’s really Povetkin’s fighter, even if he faces a certain defeat.

So I’m not so enthusiastic about the fact that this is an entertaining match. Povetkin will be very careful in Joshua, perhaps especially in the Battle of Cardiff, where Povetkin was a little weak and rejected by David Price, like Joshua, a very poor man. He continued to beat the price, but who is worth it, right?

After Klitschko’s defeat, Povetkin won eight in a row. He defeated Manuel Charr, Carlos Takam, Mike Perez, Mariusz Wach, Johann Duhaupas, Andrei Rudenko, Christian Hammer, and Price. It’s not a bad move, but Joshua, at least one step ahead of all these guys. Povetkin had a wonderful career, but one day he met a serious high-quality guy. He lost badly.

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